In her information-packed seminars, Lillian delivers her best strategies and the 5 step approach which she has developed over 15+ years as a parenting consultant and strategist. She has conducted hundreds of seminars to tens-of-thousands of people around Australia and has changed countless lives.

This is a great way to get the best of Lillian’s knowledge in a low-cost and effective format.

For a list of Lillian’s upcoming seminars, visit the Event Calendar.


The Parenting Strategist workshops are hands-on, intimate group sessions which delve further into the real and specific issues affecting parents & children and the strategies that will create lasting change.

This is your chance to get up-close & personal with Lillian and learn the skills, techniques and strategies you need to deal with your specific challenges. (Also available on DVD)

The workshops are the perfect follow on from the seminar. For a list of upcoming workshops, visit the Event Calendar.

One-on-One Support

imgDo you need someone that can relate to what you may be going through? Someone that has walked the walk of dealing with a ‘challenging’ child.
If you need specific, specialised and expert advice to help you work through your parenting challenges or ‘unsolvable’ issues then a one-on-one consultation with Lillian will ensure you get the personal attention and exact advice you need. One-on-one consultations with Lillian are affordable, effective and ensure you get results fast. Contact Lillian today for your complimentary 30 minute phone consultation.