New Book: The Best Teacher I Can Be

New Book: The Best Teacher I Can Be


I am so excited to announce that my new book ‘The Best Teacher I Can Be’ will be available early July.

As a special introductory offer I would like to offer the FIRST 6 teachers / educators that are willing to read the book asap (with an open mind as it may confront some teachers beliefs) and give a review on it …a COMPLIMENTARY copy.

I will have a questionnaire that I will ask you to fill out once you have read it. So please contact me via the contact page ASAP.

Feel free to pass this onto someone that you feel may be interested. ONLY THE FIRST 6 – BE QUICK!!

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2 Comments on "New Book: The Best Teacher I Can Be"

  • Amada says

    I would love to read and review for you as I am a Steiner Kindy teacher and have 20 years early childhood exp & an alternative (natural) lifestyle. Loved the simi at tonight & bought the bulk Pavo but really wanted this book and it didn’t come with pack x

    • Lillian Reekie says

      Hi Amanda, so sorry it has taken me SO long to respond. I am just finding the time to get into my website and get some things done and saw your comment. You have been a great support of my seminars and books. Thank You. I would love to send you my book for teachers and would appreciate a review. Let me know the best address to post it to x

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